A Yoga Alliance Foundation Course with Melanie Ashley

MAY 2022

How to Harness The Secrets of

A Traditional Yoga Practice

Teach the health benefits of yoga

Step into your role as a healer

Empower others to self-heal

Be part of an energetic evolution

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Welcome to Bhramari

A yoga teacher training programme designed for seekers you believe there is more to yoga than just the physicality and intrigued to know more.

C A L L I N G ...

Health Practitioners who may feel a calling to integrate a spiritual aspect to your healing work ... maybe becoming a yoga teacher - or bringing your knowledge into the yoga world

Yoga Practitioners who may have found that you’ve reached a plateau within your regular classes and workshops & want to enhance and take your practice to the next level

Wellness Coaches; Nutritionalists, Chiropractors who may have been thinking of developing your own integrated, holistic, wellness programme

Clinical Practitioners who maybe disillusioned by the industry and looking to integrate more holistic aspects into your work; or even creating an integrated retreat centre or place of refuge.

Existing energy healers & body workers, who might be considering adding more services that can support your clients healing journey 

Core to all, is to empower yourself and others to a greater sense of health and well-being.

We'll achieve this by enhancing and evolving the spiritual aspects of living a human life resulting in a sustainable, deep, long lasting sense of peacefulness.

Rooted in Nature &Tradition

Bharmari is a foundation yoga teacher training course approved by Yoga Alliance UK.

It is a fusion of practices from ancient cultures

underpinned with the common threads of the 5 elements found in nature, created by the universe

This in-person course includes guest experts and a personalised mentoring to set you on the road to helping yourself and others to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually and energetically fo greater health and wellbeing.

There is great focus on

  • Building confidence in your teaching as all modules are rooted from a traditional approach to yoga: from India, Egypt, South America
  • Honouring the practice through the lineage of Krishnamacharya - fondly known as the root of many yoga practices promoted in the west today
  • Embodying the practice following in depth study of Ashtanga Yoga,
  • Developing knowledge of the preventative aspects of yoga by introducing Yoga Therapy (as taught by Ganesh Mohan whose father was a student of Krishnamacharya.
  • Experiencing the prAnic/Chi energy from the practices of Pranayama - as taught by Sri O P Tiwariji whose teacher was the Physician of Ghandi
  • Experiencing and knowing the meridian lines which connect us to source - based on the ancient Thai Models of energy lines
  • Experiencing spiritual-self through ritual and ceremony which underpins many traditional practices.

It's Stepping Into Your Purpose

You want to earn a Yoga Alliance 200 Hours Teacher Training certification ...

Yoga Alliance Professionals is a full Not for Profit organisationIt was created in 2006 with the aim of maintaining the ethics and values of the yoga tradition as well as the standard of teaching of these practices. An accredited certificate via the yoga alliance UK signals that apprentices have studies the practices to a teaching level of authenticity.

You wish to teach yoga - so others gain the amazing benefits you have ..

  • Looking for confidence in using techniques that are tried and tested through legacy as well as science  
  • Looking for confidence in deep rooted practices which have stood the test of time 
  • Keen to be skilled in offering adjustments to clients
  • Create an energetically balanced class

You want your practice to evolve. This programme will help you improve your practice by exploring

  • Meridians, anatomy & psychology, mythology
  • PrAnic energy and its effects on the meridians
  • Spiritual evolution within your current practice

Dreamed of creating a holistic centre or place of refuge and support

  • You would like to share your enthusiasm with like-minded people     
  • Believe a full understanding of the Yoga principles will help you fully develop the dream
  • Know that the additional service offerings will support each other energetically 
  • Looking to integrate techniques that are tried and tested through legacy as well as science

And when you move through this program, you may begin to notice: 

  • Better strength & flexibility
  • Sharpened focus
  • Increased presence
  • Increased creativity
  • More calmness
  • Better sense of centering
  • Better connectivity with self, others and the word around you
  • An eagerness to share

There are now more yoga practitioners than ever before.

Be part of the energy revolution by helping our growing community explore what is beyond the physical practices

Create transformation into the realm of beauty & positivity

Be the healer within your community

Help others to create a spiritual connection that supports their whole self

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You'll Love Our Teacher Training Because

Because You'll Start Helping Practitioners To Navigate Beyond the Physicality of Yoga. Throughout the 6 months you'll learn:

How To Create A Safe Space

  • You will find a safe place for healing & renewal throughout the program.
  • Move stagnation into imagination & creation
  • Be secure in deep rooted strength
  • Exude inner confidence
  • Create a map so you always have a route to follow when times get tough

Increase Your Personal Presence

  • Develop confidence, knowledge and inner wisdom
  • Learn how to choose your frame of mind appropriate for the practitioner(s)
  • Develop your unique voice
  • Create your personalised stress hygiene model for your holistic health
  • Integrate appropriate practices which support each other energetically

Embrace an Energetic Map rooted in the 5 elements

  • Create a yoga class/course which has a specific focus
  • Choose the appropriate yoga asanas and pranayama and Meditation for particular circumstances, seasons,
  • Energetic System
  • Ayurveda

Realise the Benefits of Yoga Postures

  • Cues for rapid initial assessment
  • Become aware of the bio-feedback between the mind, body, emotion integration 
  • Delivering hands on and hands off adjustments

How to Move Energy through the body

  • We'll follow the map used in Thai Yoga Massage
  • You'll learn to feel, sense, recognise various energies- based on Ayurvedi theory
  • You'll learn an energy-balance massage which you can use with 1-2-1 clients or incorporate as self-massage in your classes

Embrace mythology and symbolism into your class delivery

  • Philosophy
  • Build positive relationships between the body through yoga postures & the mind with journey meditations & energy balance with breathing techniques
  • Spirituality with connection to the 5 elements

Why Our Full Integrated Course

will equip you

in how to improve the prAna or Life Force energy (also known as Chi) to flow freely through your whole mind, body and energy centers as well as in how to guide your practitioners

Create Transformation into the realm of beauty & positivity

Be the healer within your community

Help Other To Create a Spiritual connection that supports their whole self

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Course Teachings Summary At A Glance

Training on the physical aspects, variations, adjustments, introduction to yoga therapy

Pranayama training

Anatomy and physiology

Adjustment training

Rites of Passage to start you on your 'healers journey' from the creativity of the feminine energy of The Munay-Ki

Energetic anatomy: including introduction to Ayurveda and how to deliver an energy balance massage

Lesson Planning/sequencing - integrating pranayama, ceremony, myth and symbolism

Ready To Step Into Your Purpose ?

Meet Melanie ...

your Holistic Health Guide & Coach

Melanie has been within the holistic industry for 20 years – originally as a practitioner before starting on the path of yoga – which was just for fun.

The transition into the holistic world came about when the intensity and experiences of the world of commerce conflicted with her personal sense of her vision of the world.  And so she chose the path which ‘yoga’ had opened for her which led her to experience the teachings from living masters of this decade from a range of cultures and disciplines – from the mystique to the science.  A world which is constantly evolving.

Today, she guides people through landmark life transitions by integrating traditional 
practices that harmonise and integrate the mind, body, soul & spirit.

She shares the wisdom of her teachers with a diverse range of people: senior executives on leadership programmes; people living with addictions and those struggling with general life transition to enhance the quality of their life and those who are part of it.

Melanie would love to help you on your journey as a healer and light worker so you can share and help others to find a sense of peace and stillness within this current unpredictable world that we are living.

A word from a Practitioner

Dr Gettie Audain


Advanced Public Health Nurse serving her country as a Captain for USPHS

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