NEW DATE : THURS 4th MARCH at 12:30pm

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During this 1 hour zoom webinar we'll explore how the practice of conscious breathing can help with the demands of 21st century living and support your through life transitions by reconnecting you with your creativity and inspiration in a holistic way.


Irritating aches and pain in the body,

Symptoms of stress

The feeling of being depleted and drained


Increased joy, spending quality time with the people love

Improve performance at work or leisure activities

Confidence and control when feeling compromised

During the webinar you will

  • Experience a physical practice to free your joints
  • Discover a practice to connect with guiding thoughts so you can choose the constructive ones
  • Balance your state of consciousness so you can make clear decisions
  • Visualise your foundation so you always have a base when in meditation
  • Listen to your intuition so you can safely explore alternative scenarios, without attachment
  • End with a practice that you can safely repeat regularly, in your own time, to support you during a life transition

Meet Your Guide

My name is Melanie Ashley. I'm a Senior Yoga Teacher who guides people through landmark life transitions using traditional
practices that harmonise and integrate the mind, body, soul & spirit.

I've enjoyed training and experiences from living masters of this time and shared their wisdom with a diverse range of people: senior executives on leadership programmes; people living with addictions and those struggling with transition and change in their life and I would love to share these practices with you too.

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I look forward to meeting you at 12:30pm on 4th March ...... Melanie